Jain Temple

Jain temple: wayanad is a awesome place in kerala,

Jain temple It is also known by the name Ananthanatha swami temple. This Jain temple Wayanad is dedicated to the great Jain saint by name Ananthanatha swami. Ananthanatha swami temple is located near Kalpetta at a distance of six Km from Kalpetta. This Jain temple Wayanad is generally referred to as Tippu’s fort because King Tippusultan stored his ammunition in this fort during his reign.. Another name given to this Jain temple is Sultan’s battery. Jain temple Wayanad is known to be constructed in the thirteenth century. This temple and its surroundings have served as an essential place for commercial developments. It is sad to note that the beautiful pillars of Ananthanatha swami temple are ruined due to several reasons.
The inner portion of the temple and the sanctum sanctorium are very quiet and serene. You should visit this temple to enjoy that tranquility and view the excellent architecture involved in its construction.