Edakkal caves


The Edakkal caves are 1200 meter above sea level on the high mountains of Ambukutty Mala, towards the Malabar Coast. The cave consists of paintings that are said to be as old as 5000 to 10000 BC and they come from the Neolithic Man which does prove that there was a presence of prehistoric civilization in this region. The carvings are from the stone ages and are the only examples of prehistoric civilization that are found in the South of India.

Although they are called the Edakkal Caves these caves are more of a cleft or a rift which are approximately about 96 feet by 22 feet fissure which is said to have been caused by a piece of rock which was split away from the main body of rock. The symbols on these caves are carved out and have figures of animal and also the tools used by humans back then. Some of the symbols are yet to be deciphered.